Bradley BE-HD15

Bradley BE-HD15

The BE-HD15 takes small mini cameras a step forward. Built on the 5 year success of the BE-HD10 it is still a miniature, full HD, remote camera with all the Bradley Engineering features of usability, connectivity and control. Fitted with a new sensor and lens package delivers a superior image with higher resolution and better low light sensitivity.

The original chip-set has been re-engineered and augmented to produce the highest quality, noise-free, low latency, low jitter, pictures without rolling shutter effect. The one piece design has all the additional electronics together with thermal management, built into the case. All outputs are directly on the back.

The 10 bit HDSDI output is FULL HD and not derived from an inferior signal. It is timed accurately to remove any ‘rolling shuttter’ effect and to achieve very low jitter. The camera accepts 37mm lens converters and all functions are controlled remotely via a simple protocol. It is designed to match perfectly our U2/S, U3/S or U3/SR Remote Heads which have all the control protocols and a PSU built in. It can also be used in a stand-alone mode or with other control systems.

Although primarily designed as a mini HD camera it can be supplied to output various SD formats in either PAL or NTSC.

Bradley BE-HD15 Features:

  • 4 Megapixel Full HD MOS sensor
  • Self contained, all-in-one unit
  • 10 bit HDSDI & Analogue outputs
  • No ‘Rolling Shutter’ effect
  • 10:1 zoom lens
  • Machined Aluminium Case
  • RCP Control Input
  • Infra-Red sensitive
  • IP66 option

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