Bradley Multi-function
Controller 2

Bradley Multi-function Controller 2

The Multi Function Controller is possibly the most sophisticated remote head and camera controller available. Both remote heads and cameras can be controlled from this controller including camera engineering functions.

‍Multi Camera Operation

The Multi Function Controller can control up to 8 remote cameras and heads using the one-touch selection buttons or up to 99 cameras with the addition of a keypad Camera Selector. Because the output data is generic, any number of different cameras and heads can be controlled by using a data receiver and protocol converter at the remote end. The protocols are open and available for 3rd party interfacing. All BRADLEY products operate as plug-and-play units.

Advanced Control Functions:

The main controls are positioned in a familiar ergonomic layout to enable ease of operation over extended periods with minimum operator fatigue. All corners are rounded for comfort. The main LCD display has several pages of information and selectable functions. The CCU LCD section has three knobs that can be individually assigned to various camera functions. Should a new function be required this can be written into the software and will simply become another option on this LCD panel. All these functions, and more, can also be accessed via the optional Remote Engineering Panel which offers touchdown joystick engineering control of up to 4 cameras each. This enables a single control path for Pan & Tilt, Lens and Camera.

Power & Data:

Power input is 12-18v and data output is RS485 via industry standard XLR3 and XLR4 sockets on the back panel. Also on this panel an optional data input can be fitted for remote inputs. eg. RCPs.

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