Bradley Remote
Camera Panel MK3

Bradley Remote Camera Panel MK3

The Remote Camera Panel from BRADLEY fits into a standard engineering desk with recessed connectors on the underside. It has the familiar engineer’s joystick control,dedicated main controls and an assignable menu for multiple other parameters.

The controller can address up to 4 cameras, of different types (Sony, Ikegami, Panasonic,Hitachi, JVC, Bradley, etc.) with up to 99 cameras on a system. Camera type selection is via the menu and internal DIP switches set which 4 cameras are to be addressed. An RD_12 is required at each camera to communicate with each individual type.

Multiple RCPs can be cascaded onto the same data stream which is 9.6k baud, RS485 and can be readily sent via radio, TCP/IP networks or twisted pair cable making this a very flexible controller.

The bradley Remote Camera Panel MK3:

  • Standard Size
  • 4 Camera control
  • Multiple camera types
  • Mutliplexed control data

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