Jimmy Jib

Jimmy Jib

Jimmy Jib Triangle

Belonging to the remotely-controlled crane family, the Jimmy Jib Triangle is undoubtedly the most versatile and lightweight. There are three fundamental parts that make it up: the light alloy arm, the tripod and the remote head. These are the advantages of the system: extreme practicality in transport, therefore, the possibility of reaching uncomfortable places and locations; extreme versatility in configurations right length verifiable on set with single operator or operator and driver; extreme ease of movement thanks to the weight (the lightest on the market) is practical for scene changes.

The Arm

The arm, made of light alloy, has a triangular section and is supported and stiffened by a system of steel cables with tie rods. Its great modularity (one of the most important prerogatives of this crane) allows you to change its length by creating seven different configurations; from a minimum use of three elements to a maximum of thirteen.


The movements of the remote head (pan and tilt) are controlled by a simple joystick.


The zoom is able to remotely control all professional and broadcast optics: in the television field, the Canon - Angenieux - Fujinon - Kodak lenses through the various optional connecting cables; in the cinematographic field, all the optics that respect the standard 32 - 48 pt, through the application of a high precision motor on the optics.

The Fire and the Diaphragm

The focus and the diaphragm are remoted by applying to all the optics, whether they are television or cinematographic, high precision motors. Even in these two cases, all professional and broadcast optics are remotely: in the television field, the Canon - Angenieux - Fujinon - Kodak lenses, in the cinematographic field all the optics that respect the standard 32 - 48 pt. All movements Pan, Tilt, Zoom, Focus are adjustable in sensitivity and are proportionally controlled.


The Tally is assured by a system with photocell that is applied very comfortably to all cameras.

Start and Stop

Start and remote stop for all the cameras, but not for the cameras that need their own cable of sufficient length. Two composite video cables and a triax cable, take the video signals from the camera to the control station.

The Controls

All the commands for controlling the movements of the head and of the remote functions described up to now, can be configured directly on the arm, so that a single operator can control all the movements both remote (camera head) and mechanical (arm); and both on a remote location, for a classic use with a separate operator and a machinist on the arm. The system is able to work also on battery.

The Tripod

The tripod can be used alone, or mounted on a dolly with rubber wheels (off road), or on a dolly with double wheels per track (track wells). The Jimmy Jib has its own specific track, as it is wider than the standard ones normally on the market, insufficient to guarantee its safety.

Dutch roll - Rotation movement

The remote head of the Jimmy jib provides as an accessory the addition of a third movement; the rotation of the camera (Dutch roll). Through the application of a cradle on the remote head, the chamber is allowed to rotate for a maximum of 120 degrees (60 degrees clockwise and 60 degrees counterclockwise). An adjustable rotation speed and acceleration motion control is added to the operator.

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